Digging In


Well, It has been a while since I last sat down and really focused on writing & blogging. In fact, it has been a very long time. I have somehow managed to let my very large pile of concepts get even bigger. What I am learning, is that there really is no right time to write. No matter how much advise you take from others. Or, how many other blogs you read, it’s you the writer that needs to develop your own plan and dig right in.

Like most other writers, I have read many books, articles and even listened to other writers talk about their writing habits. But truthfully, it comes down to what will work for you. My favorite for me, was the notion I was going to write for 15 days, a minimum of 6-8 pages a day, Mon-Fri. With one week to research before hand, and follow with a week of re-writes. Yep, that did’t last. Oh and then there is, “let’s just lock myself in a room for a week.” That didn’t fly neither.

I guess for me, it comes down to trying to squeeze in life as I write. I’m not wealthy so I need to work and raise my kids. When I’m on productions, I don’t have any time to write at all. And after we wrap a production, I find myself making up for mommy time in my kids busy schedules.

This seems to be the case for many of the writers I know. We manage to let life be the excuse to our unfinished pile of scripts. Life = Time, which we all know there is never enough. So the question is; “What does it take to dig in”? To pull out all your notes and that pile of concepts and chip away. Well, the answer truly lies within each writer.

They say; “As soon as you hit the keys, your a writer”.

So put the kids to bed, roll up your sleeves, set the timer, get out the I-Pad, and DIG IN!!!!

Categories: film, screenwriting

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