Inspire to Be…. 

I often wonder what it is that makes a writer tell a story. For me, my stories derive from single moments in my life,  to ocassional inspiration from little things I stumble across. Either way, I become “inspired to be”. To be the one to share that moment or tell a story about what I see. 

Today I watched a holiday movie on tv. Nothing big. One I had never heard of before. But for some reason it was just starting and I stopped just to give it a quick glance. As I got further into the movie, I realized the storyline was a lot like ‘Coming to America’ . A holiday movie based on a prince who didn’t want to marry the girl from his prearranged marriage. So, he visits America and finds his true love. Ok, I’m paraphrasing a bit. But sounds familiar, right? Well this little story was similar only without the comedy and more of a holiday theme. 

So, I started to ask myself “I wonder what inspired this story?” Was it some writers attempt to turn a story line into a different genre? Were they big fans of Eddie Murphy and thought; hey, let’s flip one of his movies! Or where they telling a story based on moments from thier life they wanted to share? 

Well, it didn’t matter anymore. I started watching it and all I could think of was how I didn’t like the casting. But then I started to think about the writer. I began to wonder why they wrote it. Was it just a job to write the script? or were they truly inspired to be?

 As my curiosity began, I started to pay more attention to the lines of the characters  and how it felt real. The dialogue was begining to feel comfortble, as if I had said it myself. So I no longer thought about Eddie Murphy and Coming to America and began to root for the story line. Why? Because the story did its job and took me to a place I wanted to be. A little love story that I wished was mine. If even for a second. Whishing it was me the prince fell in love with. 

At the end when we know it will all work out, I was delighted by the spoken dialogue as he tells her she’s the one. And he chose the one standing in front of him. That’s when I realized, the writer did thier job. Somewhere along the line they were inspired to be…. To be the one to tell this story, use thier words and make us fall in love with this little holiday movie. 

So when it comes to telling your story, just remember to “inspire to be”. It’s your story to tell no matter how it came to be. 

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