“Indeed We Do” is a quirky short film based on the unique recruitment policies a company uses to hire new employees. Only thing is, it has flaws, and the boss refuses to try modern ways.

indeed we do coverTentative 

“Indeed We do” is currently seeking talent submissions. Please click here for more information.

Open to all ethnicity and body types. Quirky pretty much describes this entire cast.

“Tomorrow” AKA What We Don’t Say…  is a Narrative Short Film and a very personal project based on suicide that follows the stories of several individuals who don’t see “Tomorrow” in their future. It is often echoed among family and friends on how they “never saw it coming” or “if I only knew they were hurting”.

Our intent is to bring a psychological aspect of suicide both passive and active to those who have a misunderstanding of suicide. It is a tough topic one that is often danced around. Many are ashamed to talk about it and often those left behind are left not understanding and feeling guilty.

There are many sides and different types of depression and triggers that will be explored in this project that touches on the notion and dark place where Tomorrow is unforeseen.

PIP – Projects In Progress

“Pink Pumps” Short- When the family matriarch passes, they are faced with moving on and selling their childhood home. Only for her granddaughter to stumble upon her prized possessions is a pair of “Pink Pumps”. That take her on a magical journey of family tales.
“Another Mans Son” Short –  When the son of a war hero, searches for his biological father, he learns more than he bargained for.
Feature Films Coming soon…..

Way back when …..

Possession – student film

A fun project written in a day and shot in two locations. We like to throw it back to when it all started.

possession poster

When possession is nine-tenths of the law!

Like most siblings, Sarah 13, liked to play games with her sister, Emily 11. She would torture her like most sisters do. By taking possession of her belongings and hiding them, she’d make Emily work to get them back.

Until, one day while Sarah was gone, Emily had enough and decided to go get her belongings from Sarah’s room. Only she wasn’t expecting for Sarah to catch her.

This leads to an accident. But at the root of the story is little sister, Amber 5. Who might have triggered a fight, witnessed an accident and kept a secret. Leaving her emotionally scared into her adult life.

After many years have passed; the home is left in probate to an extended family because the only sole survivor’s whereabouts are still unknown……

The only thing is, who is willing to take possession of what haunts the Philomine house!

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