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Ever wonder how movies get made? It takes a village to bring a visual story to life. And behind that village are the individuals who offer their talents not only through productiona and crew, but also through Donations, Sponsorship and Investment Opportunities.

There are several ways you can help IsMad Productions bring stories to life.

Donor & Donations

Often there are those who love to donate to a production. Many production companies won’t hesitate to take your donation. A donation can range from your time volunteering, donating of water, snacks, meals, props, wardrobe items, locations or even small donations of money. Often a production will offer some type of perk for donations.


Sponsorship is a bit different than donor or investors. Sponsors love to provide financial support through their company.  Many companies who sponsor emerging projects can benefit exposure to key industry culture through a projects events.

Many are giving ample exposure at press releases and premiers and often get that “Special Thank You” in the credits.  Even sponsors who donate through a crowdfunding pledge will often receive some type of perk from the production.

Investors to Film Angel Investors

Become an Independent Film Investor or Film Angel Investor and support one of our Independent Film projects.

Most Investors finance on a contract basis as an Executive Producer and earn a Credit on the film. Some like to be more involved, some don’t, It depends on what the investor is expecting from the project. There are investors who just fund projects as a write-off. It normally depends on what they want out of the experience and their investment.

When crowdfunding, the Investors usually gets the best perks.

If any of these opportunities excite you and you would like to Donate, Sponsor or Invest in an IsMad Production. Please feel free to contact: jax@scriptmadness.com


IsMad Productions will be utilizing  indiegogo for their Crowdfunding platform. 

Please make sure to check back and see how you can help. 

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