Indeed We Do

Indeed We Do” is a quirky short film based on the unique recruitment policies a company uses to find new employees. Only thing is, it has flaws, and the boss refuses to try modern ways.

indeed we do cover

Tentative filming dates are the weekend of June 21-23rd, 2019.

“Indeed We do” is currently seeking talent submissions for the following roles.

Open to all ethnicity and body types.

The ability to be “quirky” pretty much describes this entire cast.


Larry (40-50’s) – The bosses right hand and supposed “nice guy”, feels that the company’s recruitment policies need to change. His inability to not understand his co-worker’s problems makes him very impatient.

Lucy (20-40’s) – The companies go to employee who doubles as the HR department in this small company. Lucy is tasked with hiring new staff but seems to keep hiring the wrong employees.

Schmidty (20’s) – Disheveled and weary, Schmidty is always tired and lacks any reaction at the fact that he can’t keep up at work. He suffers from somnambulism (sleepwalking) and struggles to get through his days.

Jean (30-60’s) – Jean is a bit peculiar in her behavior. She is quiet, distraught, hoards paper and struggles with Xylophagia (the eating of paper).

Bob (30-50’s) – Bob has recently accepted the fact that he has a shredding problem. His boss has given him the ultimatum to seek help or get a new job. His dull sense of style is radiant in the way he talks.

Carol (30-50’s) – Carol is perky yet overly emotional. She suffers from shredding addiction and can’t help it. She acknowledges the fact that it is destroying her marriage and needs help. (The role of Carol has already been cast)

Jerry (30-60’s) – Jerry is the moderator of SAC. He is 868 days into his recovery and takes his recovery serious.

Receptionist (18-50) She has her own quirky personality that makes her a ninja receptionist.

Also accepting pictures for background actors (18 & up). 

Please submit head-shots, demo reels and/or 1-minute monologue video’s to

*** if you do not have any of these, please send a picture and if possible record an introduction video introducing yourself, what role you’re interested in and why you think you’d be great for that role!

Please list the part/parts you’d like to be considered for in the subject line of the e-mail.


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